Amy is again on the air, and this time she will be a guest of Gregg and Heather at Big Dog tomorrow morning at 7:30am. So grab an early morning coffee and tune in to 92.7 on your radio at 7:30 to hear an amazingly cheerful Amy Nelson discussing all that is happening in her career. Topics sure to come up will be here new CD “Coming Back for More”, which is available right here, the recent CD Distribution Party, and of course her scheduled Thursday night performance at the Eldorado Country Rock Bar as a finalist in The Next Big Thing, a Big Dog production. So tune in and catch Amy with breakfast, in the car on the way to work, or at your computer by visiting the Big Dog website and clicking the Listen Live button. Even Amy’s fans thousands of miles away can support and hear her tomorrow, June 26th in morning just hours before the big night at The Next Big Thing!!